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Dining Tables

Have your next gathering around a beautiful handmade dining table. Listen as your family and friends comment on the craftsmanship and quality.

It is the heart of a craftsman that keeps him focused on making the finest furniture he can. It is his passion and commitment that result in a masterpiece to be treasured for generations to come.

We at Mill Creek Furniture seek out these craftsmen. We visit their shops and we look for obsession for detail during construction. Once a piece is completed, we insist on only the finest finishing using your choice of stain or paint color. After staining, the hand rubbing begins, and continues until a beautiful gloss is achieved. The result is a durable, smooth surface that is heat and moisture resistant.

The beauty of solid hardwood furniture is on the outside, but under the surface is a combination of strength and durability that cannot be matched by synthetic or engineered substitutes.

One characteristic of a hardwood table is the uniqueness of each and every plank. There are natural color variations in the wood. Lighter-colored pieces come from close to the bark, while the darker pieces come from nearer the center of the tree. Using both light and darker planks gives your table a rich and outstanding beauty.

Mill Creek Furniture Tables and chairs are works of art that enhance a home's decor; they are pieces that will turn heads and encourage conversation. If you love timeless, classic styles, we have them. If your taste runs to the less conventional, you'll find these styles as well. If innovation is what you seek, you will be delighted with modern and live edge collections.

Many of our tables and chairs are pictured here, but if you don't see what you like, please visit our store. We are "On The Diamond" at 100 W. Main Street In Ligonier, PA.

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