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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a room that embraces you at night and welcomes you in the morning. Never settle for furniture that is almost what you wanted. Amish handcrafted bedroom furniture gives you all the choices you're looking for. From wood species to stain color, you are in charge. If you like something you see here, but need a custom size it's no problem. Changes are easy when your furniture is made to order.

From Shaker and Mission styles, poster beds, sleigh beds and storage beds, Mill Creek Furniture has them and many more along with all the matching pieces to complement your new bed. Dressers with or without mirrors, chests, night stands, armoires and cedar chests are available.

Each piece is carefully hand-fitted and assembled by sensitive craftsmen with a passion for quality. These treasured heirlooms are sure to be handed down from generation to generation adding value and history as time marches on.

Mill Creek Furniture works with numerous Amish shops to bring you the choices you want. Our furniture is made to order, so please allow eight weeks for your bedroom set. Remember, each piece is handcrafted just for you.

View a PDF catalog of some of our available bedrooms.
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Bordeaux_Chest Bordeaux_Dresser_RoundedMirror Bordeaux_Dresser_SquareMirror Bordeaux_KingBed Bordeaux_Nightstand1 Bordeaux_Nightstand2 Bordeaux_QueenBed BordeauxCollection FlatTopDesk GunCabinet HartfordEntertainment HeirloomSleaigh_Bed3 HeirloomSleigh HeirloomSleigh_Bed1 HeirloomSleigh_Bed2 HeirloomSleigh_HS2028 HeirloomSleigh_HS2036 HeirloomSleigh_HS2053 HeirloomSleigh_HS2828 HeirloomSleigh_HS2836 HeirloomSleigh_HS2856 HeirloomSleigh_HS3445_HS6337 HeirloomSleigh_HS3638 HeirloomSleigh_HS3653 HeirloomSleigh_HS3653B HeirloomSleigh_HS3661 HeirloomSleigh_HS4057C HeirloomSleigh_HS4280 HeirloomSleigh_HS4280_Detail HeirloomSleigh_HS4367 HeirloomSleigh_HS4367_Detail HeirloomSleigh_HS4532 HeirloomSleigh_HS5237 HeirloomSleigh_HS6337_HS5545 HeirloomSleigh_HS6345 HeirloomSleigh_HS6346 HeirloomSleigh_HS6381 HeirloomSleigh_HSQU5225 HS3636 HS3648 HS3660 HS3672 HS3684 HSDresser&Mirror_72 Mapleton Mapleton_W2632 Mapleton_W4254 Mapleton_W6644_W6033F Mapleton_WQU5428 RolltopDesk RolltopDeskOpen Shaker Shaker_S2330 Shaker_S2838_S5844 Shaker_S3753 Shaker_S5844_S4540 Shaker_SPQU5531 Summit_201DNSS Summit_226DLS Summit_233NSS Summit_366CS Summit_367DCS Summit_382DAS Summit_405DMCS Summit_579DS_4434M SummitEconomy_201DNSE SummitEconomy_226DLE SummitEconomy_233NSE SummitEconomy_366CE SummitEconomy_367DCE SummitEconomy_382DAE SummitEconomy_405DMCE SummitEconomy_579DE_4434M Wellington Wellington_W2632 Wellington_W4254 Wellington_W6644_W6033F Wellington_WQU5428 jquery lightbox railsby v6.1

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